This PCI training is required for University employees who fall into one of the categories of credit card processing procedures listed below (addressed on pages 3-6). It is the department's responsibility to make sure all students working with credit cards are trained on a yearly basis. Although a few reminders regarding departmental credit cards are listed on page 8, this training is not intended for employees who are solely using a departmental credit card (an ISU credit card used for making purchases).

Please review the screens for each type of processing you use. You may skip screens that do not apply to how your department accepts credit cards, which means you will not receive a high score. This training is recommended for student workers who are working as cashiers and accepting credit cards, but departments are responsible for their training and if they prefer to train in another manner, that is acceptable as well. Student workers must read and sign the signature form on the PCI website (link on page 2).

After reviewing your lessons and answering the Self Check questions, go to the last page to submit your score. Please remember to include your department.

Page 2 is for employees who work with credit cards and have not taken the PCI training before.

Page 3 is for departments/cashiers/student employees who work with credit cards and stand alone credit card machines.

Page 4 is for departments with a TouchNet uPay or uStore site and credit card numbers are only accepted through the site.

Page 5 is for departments with a TouchNet uPay site used for entering credit card numbers via a dedicated laptop (CCWeb interface).

Page 6 is for departments who accept credit cards through 3rd party software or 3rd party vendors.

Page 7 has information on breaches.

Page 8 is General Reminders and Submission of Training.


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